5 Июнь 2015     Чемпионаты  Награды 

The second day of the IV Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva Voda 2015" held in the bulgarian authentic town Hisarya, will be remembered with the title Absolute Balkan Champion of Folklore and 6 nominations for Grand Prix golden "Orpheus".
The attention of the professional jury was riveted by the rich choreography, stage presence and cheerful spirit of four dance groups - "Iskritsa" from Kaloianovo village,  "Ludi mladi" from Shumen, "Sedenchitsa" from Plovdiv and "Progress" from the Greek city Aiani. The singers from Female choir "Rosna kitka" -  Polikraishte village, added a lovely shade with their performances of processed folklore and the "Icing on the cake" in the perfect sound was set by the trio "Chelebii" from Peshtera.
The nomination was awarded by the Assoc.Georgi Hinov - the art director of Northern Ensemble for folklore songs and dances and the main art director of the concerts of the bulgarian singer Nikolina Chakardakova, the choreographer Valentin Halvadzhiev and the Maestro Georgi Yankov - musical expert. 
Jury Commitee awarded 18 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze medals. To the deserved collectives and performers were conferred honorary diplomas for significant contribution to the preservation and transmission of traditions in folk art, laureate titles and discoveries of the Championship.
Audience's evaluation was not less exciting and inspiring performers. The applauses didn't stop to rise the adrenaline of the singers and dancers. The  secon day of the Balkan Championship became ecstatic celebration and triumph of the spirit. 
Dance Ensemble for authentic folklore named "Zdravets" from Kapitanovtsi village, Vidin region performed remarkably. Under the sounds of pipe and drum they did not just performed "learned foot steps" typical for the folklore region - they danced with their souls and did it with love. Each of their fiber emanated and recreated the smooth calm of Danube river.
There is not existing sweeter and more inspiring view from that - to see 4-5-years old children, which are dancing with their grandmothers and avidly absorbed the beauty of our native, spring folklore with their children's pure and innocent mind.
Or, as Assoc. Hinov said in an interview for television "Euro Folk":
"Since the folklore exist - Bulgaria will also exist! If the folklore and the history disappear - our nation is dying!"
Today - 6th of June at 10:30 the competition championship program is continuing. At 18:00h the groups will parade and will present themselves to all citizens and guests of Hisarya. You can watch the participants' performances online on Internet TV "Euro Folk" during the Championship.

As adjunctive event goes the competition for homemade bread. The winning artists will be awarded at the end of Championship