From the 20-23 of October in Ohrid the IV International festival "DANCING TOGETHER“ took place. In the festival night which was on the 22 of October at the central square in the city, more than 300 participants from Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia took part, the director of the event Zoran Strezovski informed. 

He congratulated the participants with "Dobre doshli!" and wished them a great time in Ohrid. After the performances all groups danced together, including the guests.

During the other days the groups had the chance to visit the cultural and natural sights of the city, which are recognized by UNESCO . They enjoyed the beauty of the Ohrid lake, visited the Antique theater, the Samuil fortress, many churches, made a boat trip in the lake and visited the most popular place - St. Naum, Mr Strezovski informed. 

He awarded certificates for participation and presents, 

In the end of the folklore event the organizers had prepared a big party, on which the director gave the certificates for participation and presents.   


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