International Folklore Festival "Ethno Festival Belgrade 2016" ended successfully with a large number of visitors and media attention, informed the directors of the festival Sasha Bajic Milo and Radom. From 21 to 23 October, 4 Bulgarian ensembles, two Serbian and by one from Romania, Greece and Estonia with a total number of 285 participants presented their cultural traditions and created a true celebration of folk folk art with their performances.

The first day of the festival program included meetings with leaders of groups and free time for sightseeing in the city. Festival mood boost from the morning of the second day when one couple from each group (dressed in folk costumes), group leaders and organizers of the festival were invited to a reception in the municipality. Later in the day three of the ensembles participated in the concert with a 75-minute program in the local home for the elderly people.

On the evening of the second day was held the main part of the festival at the Cultural Center in Rakovica. Each ensemble performed a 10-15-minute program. At the end of the concert, leaders of formations and four pairs from each group dressed in national costumes, went to the stage with a flag and a lable with the name of the group. Festival organizers handed their diplomas and gifts, souvenirs were exchanged.

At the finale was held a discussion with leaders of the groups on impressions of the festival, after which all enjoyed a party.

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